29 January 2012

Smiling Girl


Clicked this near Lake Geneva. When I tried to capture the expressions of this girl, she was fighting with her mom for not being allowed to walk in the lake side lane. But, she smiled instantly after seeing me with camera and gave a quick pose within a minute.

Though I feel this click was a kind of tight composition, I really liked this adorable girl and her smile.

25 January 2012

The River


Clicked it from a moving train from Bern to Zermatt. Somehow it came out good.

19 January 2012

The Flower Shop


The picture was taken at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India. You can see many flower shops here, selling these kind of natural processed flowers which retains its colour and shape up to 6 months or a year.

I also bought one bokeh. The flower shop vendor covered it using news paper and gave it to me. As I felt uncomfortable to hold it in hand (I didn't have any bag that time, my handbag was very small and there are many places to visit), I asked him a carry bag, to keep my bokeh inside. He refused to give it and replied "Plastic bags are banned here for green environment and we respect that". I really appreciated him and thanked him for the kind reply.

The flower bokeh was still there in my hand, but with more comfortably than before.

17 January 2012

Through the Window

One of the advantages of sitting next to the window seat. This was my first click using my camera when I knew only to switch on and off the camera.

16 January 2012


Look at the the art in the dome. I really liked it and clicked it immediately. It was an inside view of dome at Einstein Museum, Bern, Switzerland.