21 March 2012


Loved the snow and mountain view from Jungfrau, Switzerland and clicked this picture during our last visit.

20 March 2012

Feeling Fresh!

Last week, A 3 minute drizzle in Chennai made my balcony flowers to feel fresh. Clicked it immediately after the drizzle. Felt fresh after seeing/clicking them.

Thanks Sharmi for making me to post this picture. :-)

What will you give me?

A cute puppy looking at my sis expecting that she will give something to him. :-)

18 March 2012

I help my Mom while She works!

A girl in the market counting the money to help her mom while her Mom was selling the vegetables. Clicked at the farmers market at my native.

13 March 2012

Nothing Changed!

I didn't know what to name for this picture. This is one of the unchanged things which I have been watching from the year 2000 and I got a chance this time to click. Same house, same water pot and same kind of stove. Nothing changed!

06 March 2012